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Wellness Center

Wellness Center Aide

     Hello! My name is Jacky Vasquez, I have been working as a Wellness Center Aide at Foothill Knolls since 2022. I work with students in all grades ranging from TK to 8th grade, and my primary focus is on providing Tier 2 Interventions in Social Emotional Learning to small groups and individual students in an alternate setting. I am also on the Climate & Culture Data Team here at FK.  I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Cal Poly Pomona in 2021, and I am currently exploring various Master's programs in Education and other areas. I am excited to continue learning and advocating for students in our community.

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Wellness Center Aide                       


        Mr. Mark is a passionate and dedicated Wellness Center paraeducator at Foothill Knolls, his alma mater. He is thrilled to give back to the community where he learned and grew, and he is committed to helping students develop the skills and resources they need to thrive.

     Mr. Mark works with students to develop and implement mindful solutions to their everyday challenges. He teaches them breathing and mindfulness techniques, self-regulation techniques, social skills, and goal-setting. 

     Mr. Mark is also certified by the One Circle Foundation to facilitate One Circle group counseling, an educational, non-therapeutic model which provides students with a safe and supportive space to engage in positive social interactions with their peers. Outside of work, Mark enjoys hiking, reading, going to the movies, and visiting botanic gardens. He is currently pursuing his bachelors in Leadership and Organizational Studies at the University of Denver. 

Hours: 8:30am-3:00pm