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Strategic Vision


Mission Statement

Foothill Knolls STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Academy of Innovation is a dedicated community that inspires and empowers all students to be future ready problem solvers who positively impact an ever-changing global society.

What are the strengths and accomplishments of the UUSD Foothill Knolls STEM Academy of Innovation since the November 2018 strategic planning retreat?

  Brainstormed Perceptions:

  • Growing kindergarten enrollment
  • Students in Washington DC were elected by their peers for leadership positions
  • Burlington donated $10,000 to us—second year of an award
  • Successful Flight Night
  • Increased student academic performance due to inclusion
  • New full-time Assistant Principal
  • Repaved and painted the upper grade classroom
  • We got a high tech laser printer
  • Added a Wellness Center to the campus
  • We have a new Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum
  • Had Femineers at Cal Poly Pomona exhibition
  • Project Based Learning (PBL) Team built a partnership with High Tech High—building capacity to coach on campus
  • Students showcased work in distracted driving at many community events
  • Rube Goldberg Team had their most successful competition
  • Launched a New York Times Author’s Book at our site
  • Reclassified approximately 20 English Language Learners
  • Doing EFT (tapping) and mindfulness training across the campus
  • Implemented Literacy Coach in classrooms
  • Identified a goal that every student will have a 150 Lexile point growth every year
  • PBL Leadership has engaged staff in a plan to develop and curate student work
  • We have a Homework Club after school to align with junior high classes
  • We had student exhibits at the San Bernadino Makers Fair and won first place
  • We had student-led Road Shows at other elementary schools in the District
  • PBL Team crafted benchmarks and timelines for a high quality PBL project
  • We have a crossing guard
  • First-ever student-led Board meeting was held and they “rocked it”
  • Had a successful year of Crew
  • Became a member of the San Bernadino County Club Live and got a OTS grant of $3000
  • Purchased a systematic phonics program for K-2 classrooms and it will move into 3rd grade
  • Students are staying socially networked with the community they met at Foothill Knolls, continuing into high school
  • Won a Books in Action grant for $2500 in partnership with Upland Public Library
  • Provided water bottles for kids, and started a recycling program
  • Increased social media presence
  • SPED inclusion is resulting in more confident students in TK-8th grades
  • Designed a TK-8 Robotics and Coding Pathway to the high school
  • Continued the Washington DC trip with an increase in parent involvement
  • Currently we have a STEM Lab being built
  • New playground
  • Higher middle school enrollment (currently 200 students)
  • Had 33 students attend the Verizon Innovation Learning Camp
  • Increased middle school participation in high school math classes
  • Reorganized After School Crew
  • Teachers are part of the DNA math training at the District
  • Received a grant for virtual reality from University of Arizona and Verizon for equipment
  • iReady was used across all grade levels at the universal screeners for ELA and math
  • Approved and started a Girls Who Code Club
  • Positive Behavior Innovation Support (PBIS) recognition—bronze medal
  • Students are continuing their academic success going into high school
  • Started NOTICE—a school-wide culture and climate program
  • Increased awareness that Foothill Knolls is a junior high option
  • Successfully built relationships with the high school
  • Kindergarten had a successful PBL project with hatching and raising chickens
  • PBL Team began the conversation about working together across grade levels
  • Flexible seating in grades 4 and 5



3 Year Goals



  • Students will be engaged in a challenging and meaningful project-based learning/STEM curriculum articulated across all grade levels
  • By the end of third grade, all students will have foundational reading and math skills
  • Increase community awareness and investment in Foothill Knolls STEM Academy of Innovation
  • All teachers are skillful and confident in their ability to support their students' learning and aspirations



Our Vision



Students of the Foothill Knolls STEM Academy of Innovation will:

  • Engage in a rigorous curriculum with a STEM focus
  • Problem solve and persevere through the disciplines
  • Demonstrate citizenship and compassion
  • Think critically in our ever-changing global community

Signature Practices